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Blog Tour: Terra's Wrath by Meaka Kyel, Review&International Giveaway!

Terra's Wrath,  by Meaka Kyel

Paperback, 366 pages
Published January 15th 2013 by Mireille Chester
ISBN: 1481893491 (ISBN13: 9781481893497)
edition language: English
original title: Angered Seasons


"Get on with it!" Max paled.
The shop shook with a sudden burst of lightning and the ensuing thunder.
The man looked up to the ceiling. "Your mother knows I'm talking to you. She's very upset. Max, please. You need to hide."

Freak storms, changing climates... they're all proof that global warming is starting to change our planet. It was only a matter of time before Mother Nature got upset with the damage we were causing. What we never could have anticipated, was how she was planning to get rid of her problem.

My review: 
I must say that I was a little sceptical at the beginning, when I started reading this book, because a book with zombies wasn't exactly what I was planning to read, let's just say zombies aren't my favorite type of supernatural creature. :D 

Yet, I decided to give it a try, and I don't regret it. At all, because now, after reading it, this book is definitely one of my favorites. :D To my surprise, it was an interesting read, with  loveable, new characters and an interesting story. 
This novel is written from Gabby's POV, one of the main characters. Gabby lives with her best  friend Lane, and nothing seems to ruin their friendship, not even some episodes of jealousy, more or less visible,  from Lane's girlfriend and Gabby's boyfriend.   

“This whole arrangement with you and Lane, it’s weird. You’re not kids anymore. I can put up with your choice of livelihood. Hell, I can even get used to the fact that you refuse to do yourself up in the morning before I wake up when you spend the night.” He paused at my frown. “But I won’t play second place man in a woman’s life. If you want to have any chance with me, you’re going to have to leave him. Move out; get your own place. Just quit having him around all the time.”

Gabby's birthday represents the intrigue of the novel, at the same time the border between one world and another. Between the world everyone thought to be normal, which it was a little taken for granted, and between the apocaliptic world, messy, dangerous, and lived by some scary, new creatures: zombies. This kind of zombie has an interesting story behind, and you'll hear(actually, you'll read :D ) a lot about their yellow creepy eyes.

“I’m scared, Lane.” I let him pull me to his chest and closed my eyes as his arms wrapped around me.

“We’ll be ok.”

Crossing this border means getting to live a whole another life for Gabby and Lane, they must face with a zombie apocalypse that no one ever saw coming. They must survive to zombie attacks, and manage to stay alive, safe and sound, while they have to find food, shelter, clothes, and things they need in order to survive.

“This isn’t one of those Zombie movies. We’re not going to find some weird person with a key to the end of this epidemic. If anything, we’re probably bunched in with those that are the first to die.”

My opinion:
I really loved this book, I enjoyed reading it, especially after midnight, when even the background helps it look much more scarier (ha ha :D ) In the end, it's a good book, with a lot of intense moments, good action and a bit of romance, that makes this book even tastier.  And as a plus, I must mention that I loved how the characters were built, they look real, they show intelligence, simplicity and spontaneity, and I liked that about them. Meaka wrote a good book, and I totally recommend it! ;)

Rating: 5/5 (5 out of 5)

About Meaka Kyel:

There's not much about me to tell you other than I love epic and supernatural worlds. All things out of the ordinary get my heart beating senseless and if there's a sexy connection involved then all the better.
I love to write and make up worlds.

Where you can find her:

 And yeah, Mother Nature can be a bitch... :D ;)

International Giveaway!!!

Meaka will give away to one lucky winner an e-copy of Terra's Wrath and a swag pack!!!
(includes an 8x10 poster, a book mark, and a postcard)

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Good luck to everyone! :D 

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