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Review in english: Obsidian(Lux #01) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian”(Lux #01), by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I enjoyed EVERY single page of Obsidian! I didn’t know what was all the fuss about when I started reading it, but because it has got only great reviews from a blogger I trust, I let myself on her hand. And I don’t regret it at all. If I hadn’t found out from her about this book, I’m not sure I would have ever come to read it. And that’s how I was about to lose the chance to taste this awesome book.  
  It kept me hooked, didn’t let me steal a single breath, not a single moment of relief, that’s how marvelous it was.

Katy’s story isn’t quite happy because her dad died three years ago of a brain tumor. Trying to live their life without remembering him at every step, her mom decides to move from the sunny Florida to West Virginia, in the small city of Petersburg.

In this new town Katy tries to fit in, even though she thinks her first day at school will be horrible. Everyone wants to know the new girl in town, don’t they? The first step to fit in that small community from Petersburg is making new friends, beginning with her teenage neighbors. But this is so not her will, her mother keeps telling her that she has to make friends, not to spend her days closed in her room, with her laptop in her arms and writing on her books blog.

Trying to show her mother that she likes this new home, she goes and knocks at the door of that boy and girl next door, asking for directions to a grocery store. The boy - the one her mother called a hottie (and she was so right!), opens the door half naked, and acts very disrespectful to Katy, who is obviously charmed by his good looks and his remarkable green eyes.
After this incident, Katy decides that it’s best for her to stay away from this guy, but when she meets his incredible sister, Dee, she realizes it will be hard for her to do so.
Dee is a sweetheart from all points of view, she is funny, and she is treating Katy so nice, that she starts wondering how’s possible for a person like Dee to have a brother like Daemon (yes, that’s his name – perfectly suitable for his awful attitude).
The two girls become BFF’s quickly, which is not very pleasant for Daemon, who still seems to hate Katy almost to death. He makes her life almost impossible when she is close to Dee, trying to keep the two of them apart, always coming with the same excuse: that she is not like them. Like them? How? What is so different about them? Katy has no idea what is he talking about, and she thinks that the whole situation is extremely annoying.
When Katy finds out by mistake Daemon’s very well hidden secret, a matter of life and death, they are taking their relationship at a whole new other level.  And soon, their worst enemies are showing off, more scary and powerful than ever.

Gosh, how much I love this book! I finished reading it yesterday and since then my mind is blown up by Daemon and Katy, Dee and the story of the three of them. I don’t even know when was the last time I was so haunted by a book. It happened long time ago and trust me, I’ve read a lot of books lately.
I love the way Jennifer wrote Obsidian, it is exactly what I was expecting from her. With enough description, very well built characters with strong personalities and a great, incredible story that makes you wish for more and more. It’s impossible to get bored of this book, it does always surprises you, at every step. That’s what I liked about it Unpredictability is everywhere, which is wonderful, because when I read a book, it always happens to me to guess what is going to happen next. But this one got me with my guard down, and my predictions were just that: some predictions, which never came true.
 If you ever get to read this book, I guarantee you will fall in love with Daemon Black and his unpredictable character.
I recommend you with the greatest pleasure to read „Obsidian”, it’s a must-read! I’m curious if you share my opinion about this book (and about Daemon :D).
Another reason why I think you should read it, is her uniqueness, and of course because Jennifer Armentrout is a very talented writer.
It’s impossible not to like every single part of this book! :D

Some quotes I fell in love with:
''He was a jerk. Moody. But there had been brief moments that I’d spent with him—like a nanosecond—when I thought I might have seen the real Daemon. At
least a better Daemon. And that part made me curious. And the other side, the jerky one, yeah, that part didn’t make me curious.
It sort of excited me.
“So, Kitten, if I’m going to be your babysitter for the evening, what’s in it
for me?”
My eyes immediately narrowed. “First off, I didn’t ask you to babysit me. And you made me come over here. And don’t call me Kitten.”
“Kitten,” he murmured lazily. A clear warning in his eyes.
I ignored it. “Not even if you were the last thing that looked like a human on the face of this Earth. Got that? Capiche?”

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