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Din jurnalul unui strain...

Am fost mai mult decat surprinsa, ba chiar socata cand am citit articolul scris de un turist care de curand a vizitat tara noastra. Cand descrie tot ce a vazut, parca nu-ti vine sa crezi ca vorbeste despre tara asta, Romania, tara pe care toti o blameaza si in care nimeni nu-si doreste sa se fi nascut. Am auzit atatea pareri negative despre tarisoara noastra incat am ajuns si noi sa credem ca e la fel de rea ca in criticile pesimistilor. 
Si daca nu outsiderii ne vor schimba perspectiva, atunci cine?

I rarely felt as safe in a foreign capital as I did in Bucharest.  And I am not a naive tourist. There simply is no sign of threat whatsoever. I think Berlin and London are vastly more dangerous. So forget all that crap you hear.
I could say I don’t know what it is that is so damn appealing about being here, but I do. It’s the people. As a visitor you feel very welcome. The people are warm and enthusiastic. 99,9% of people I’ve spoken to (those includes mostly the younger generation) speak fluent English. They might even surprise you, because they speak 5 other languages as well, including yours. And if they do, they do it well. They seem to be extremely good educated and some are very well traveled.
There’s a sense of love for their own country, pride, the will to improve things, and a generally positive outlook to life. Perhaps this is blue-eyed, but it is the impression that I got from the people I have met here and spent some time with.  Sometimes there’s an almost absurd talent. Go to a karaoke party (almost as popular here as in Japan!) and you’ll see (or rather hear) what I mean.
I like to summarize my trips in one or two sentences. This is what I came up with for Romania:
If Germany is Europe’s high-tech factory and France is Europe’s kitchen, then perhaps Austria is Europe’s ski-resort and England is where Europe’s humor comes from.

But Romania is Europe’s heart. And it’s beating wildly.”

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